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Language Options - Exchange Programme

Linguistic diversity is part of the "Collège universitaire" identity: all courses are taught in French and English, and to a lesser degree, in other languages (particularly in the regional campuses).

Exchange students thus have the possibility of studying entirely in French, English, or a combination of both languages. Sciences Po is therefore an excellent destination for students who are not French speakers (but fluent in English), and yet are interested in studying abroad in France.

In order to place students in the appropriate programme of study and level of language classes, Sciences Po requires all students to show proof of their linguistic abilities prior to their arrival in France.

Exchange students may do this by taking standardized proficiency tests in the language of the programme they wish to follow at Sciences Po:

  • French. If your native language and/or the language of instruction at your home university is not French, you will need a TCF 400 or DELF B2.
  • English. If your native language and/or the language of instruction at your home university is not English, you will need a TOEFL IBT (Internet based test) 80 or IELTS 6, or the equivalent scores in all other major English language proficiency tests.

If students have not taken an official language test, exchange students must self-evaluate their language level based on Sciences Po languages charters. Students are responsible for determining the correct language level according to the information in the language charters; an inaccurate measure of the students' linguistic abilities will be a hindrance to their studies at Sciences Po.

Students wishing to take an additional foreign language course must also self-evaluate their language level in the corresponding language. (NB. Additional languages may not be taken at a beginners' level.)

Students self-evaluate their English or French levels (if applicable) when completing their online application for admission to Sciences Po undergraduate or graduate exchange programme. All students are required to have a language level in French and in English for their application to be considered as complete.