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Useful Tools for Self-Study Purposes

Nouns and noun phrases


Countable - uncountable nouns:


The definite and the indefinite article:

Demonstratives ('this' and 'that'): demonstrative pronouns

Relatives ('which' and 'that'): relative pronouns

Possessive forms

The apostrophe 's' and the attributives: possessive forms


Some, any, few, little, none, all, the whole, etc.:

Verbs and verb phrases

The simple present tense and the present progressive:

The present perfect and the preterit:

The present perfect continuous: present perfect continuous

The preterite and the past perfect:

The four future tenses: future plans

Gerund and infinitive:


difference between "mustn't" and "don't have to"?

"must" and "mustn't"

"have to" and "don't have to"


Subject-verb agreement:

Verb + object + infinitive constructions: verb, objet, to + infinitive

Infinitive of purpose and for+ing: to + infinitive and for + verb-ing to express purpose


Conditionals and concessives:

Interrogatives: questions tags

If and whether: reported questions

Adverb word order: still, yet and already

Active, passive: simple passives

Duration with "for" and "since": for and since

Common lexical problems

To lay and to lie: notorious confusables part II

e-Pronouncing Dictionary to improve your pronunciation: the free dictionary

Learn English with the BBC

The BBC TV website :

Website for students and teachers containing grammar, vocabulary exercises and pronunciation practice: BBC Learning English

Practical literacy skills for adults (reading, writing, spelling, word grammar, sentence grammar, speaking and listening): BBC Skillwise

English tests online

The most common tests: Oxford online placement test and online practice tests



English practice - TOEFL

Pages with complete learning programs

Oxford online practice grammar (a sample of free listening, reading, writing and practice exercises for students of all levels): Oxford Practice Grammar online

Free online pedagogical material for students and teachers (grammar lessons, idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation power, quizzes and a lot more):

Free online lessons (grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening exercises, pronunciation power): 5 Minutes English ESL Lessons

A website that helps you learn English or teach English. You'll find everything from lessons for learners to games, quizzes, videos and chats: English Club

Free English learning resources for students and teachers (TOEFL and IELTS practice, grammar and vocabulary practice, essay writing, pronunciation power and a lot more): English Pratic - TOEFL

American English pronunciation

Free access to hundreds of pronunciation lessons and thousands of American English sounds:

  • Exercises and even more playable audio files
  • video lessons
  • TrueVoice recording and feedback system
  • Structured online classes
  • Personalized study recommendations
  • Expanded tests, quizzes, and progress tracking

American English pronunciation.


Free audio practice for students and teachers, an incredible number of videos for audio practice:


Free online activities for ESL students (quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language): Activities for ESL Students