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How to use your Student card

Your student card is essential during your studies at Sciences Po :

  • Your student card acts also as your library card: access to the library facilities, borrowing books and journals etc. Your library borrower's number is the same as your student ID number.
  • Your student card allows you to access certain secured buildings: the journalism school, library facilities etc.
  • Your student card allows you to pay for photocopy at Sciences Po.

In order not to damage your student card, we recommend however that you use the specific photocopy cards which are on sale at the library and in the lobby of 27 rue Saint-Guillaume.

Your student card has the same functions as a regular student card. It allows you to benefit from certain student reductions (transport, cultural activities etc,).

It contains no information regarding your social security, additional health insurance and tuition fees. You will be issued with a receipt once you have paid your tuition fees. You will have access to official certificates if you are covered by French social security of an additional health insurance.