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Mobility Grants

All student mobility grants are awarded on the basis of family income.

To make the most of your study period abroad, we strongly recommend that you elaborate a budget before departure. Student mobility grants for which you are eligible are unable to cover all costs of your semester or year abroad.

Bursary students are able to keep their bursary and additional financial support from Sciences Po during their semester or year abroad

For internships and study abroad programmes in Europe: Erasmus+ bursaries

Erasmus+ is a European Commission programme designed to encourage student exchanges between European partner universities participating in the programme. All mobility between Sciences Po students and its partner universities and companies in Europe is conducted under the Erasmus+ programme. Applications to the Erasmus+ programme are managed by the Centre for Europe (International Affairs Division).

For further information on the Erasmus+ progamme.

For internships and study abroad programmes outside Europe

Students are awarded a grant through Sciences Po's International Mobility Fund (FMI), the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (CROUS) and the Ile de France Regional Council (CRIF). Students must not apply for a mobility grant through the above-named bodies as funds are directly transferred to Sciences Po.

Grants are awarded by Sciences Po to students following the criteria as listed below

  • to students on the basis of family income
  • when the cost of living in the country of destination is higher than the cost of living in Paris (the cost of living in Paris is estimated at 1000 euros per month).

Only students embarking on a mandatory and credited study abroad and internship period are eligible to apply. Students on a gap year (semester or full year) or registered with a Masters dual-degree programme are not eligible to apply for a student mobility grant. Bachelor dual-degree students are only eligible to apply for their 3rd year of study.

Students are not authorised to accumulate more than one student mobility grant. By signing the application, students agree to inform Sciences Po of any mobility grant they have applied to and have been awarded.

Students cannot submit their student mobility application to Sciences Po until they have been informed of their study abroad destination. Students however are advised to start preparing their application as soon as possible.

The application below is only applicable to students studying abroad or carrying out an internship outside of Europe

Student mobility grant application 2017-2018 (PDF, 99 Ko)

Sciences Po's bursaries and financial aid office is open to students:

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Contact the bursaries and financial aid office

Exchange students at Sciences Po

Exchange students are not eligible to apply for a student mobility grant through Sciences Po. Please note that Sciences Po does not offer any bursaries or scholarships to exchange students.

Exchange students from a European partner university are eligible to apply for funding through the Erasmus+ programme and should contact their home university for further information.

All other students are encouraged to contact their home university directly to see if they are eligible for any bursaries or scholarships.

Other financial assistance

Max Lazard Prize

The Max Lazard prize provides funding for original research projects that reflect the recipient's personal orientation and those of Max Lazard. While addressing a social and civic issue, the project may involve an investigation, a study trip, consulting a collection of documents, or visiting an institution or social organisation in France or abroad. Students must intend to pursue their project on an individual basis.

The Max Lazard Prize for 2016 was awarded to Safia ELKHATABI and Bruno RAMDJEE.

For more information on the Max Lazard prize (in French).

Laëtitia Craig Prize

The aim of the Laëtitia Craig prize is to mentor one to three Sciences Po students who will be spending their third year abroad in South East Asia. The prize is awarded to students capable of demonstrating curiosity, international openness, generosity and enthusiasm.

Students intending to apply for this prize must complete the student international mobility grant application (outside Europe) and include a motivational letter and CV with their application. Students are expected to explain their reasons for wanting to study in a South East Asian partner university in their letter.

The Laëtitia Craig in 2016 was awarded to Lise Hemelsdaël, Louise Brunie Jean Charles and Clara Lorenzo. All three students received a prize of 5000 euros each to finance their third year abroad in South East Asia.

Further information about the Laëtitia Craig prize.

Marion Bruley Grant

The Marion Bruley grant, worth 5000$, is awarded to a third year Sciences Po student carrying out an internship with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United States of America. Students can work at a French consulate or any other international organisation such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank.

The prize is awarded based on academic excellence and family income.

Students intending to apply for this prize must complete the student international mobility grant application (outside Europe) and include a motivational letter and CV in English with their application. Students are also expected to provide evidence of their internship in the USA (internship agreement).

For more information

Victoria Prize

The Victoria prize, funded by Cabanettes, aims to help students fund their third year abroad. Students must ne enrolled on Sciences Po’s undergraduate studies programme (all campuses) and be a Crous scholarship holder level 5, 6 or 7.

The candidates must demonstrate curiosity, openness, generosity and enthusiasm in particular regarding projects promoting education.

For more information

KSP mobility grant

The KSP mobility grant program supports projects of Sciences Po students in countries of the Arab World and the Gulf Region with the aim of enhancing their experience in the region. These projects may take different forms, including studies at a partner university, internships or field research in the region. Both undergraduate and graduate students at Sciences Po may be eligible for the KSP mobility grant.

For more information

Pierre Ledoux Foundation scholarship

The Pierre Ledoux Foundation - Youth International's objective is to promote the training of young people through a better knowledge of the outside world, the expansion of their horizons and the international dimension of training by taking part in their international mobility.

For more information on Pierre Ledoux Foundation scholarship

Friendship scholarship between France/New Zealand

This Friendship scholarship aims to facilitate student mobility between France and New Zealand by granting two scholarships each year: one to a New Zealand student wishing to pursue studies in France, the other to a French student planning to continue his or graduate studies in New Zealand.

General information:

  • Applicants must have contacted a New Zealand university in order to enroll in a Postgraduate level course (Masters, Honours, PhD) for the academic year beginning in February 2017 (Southern Hemisphere calendar).
  • French students enrolled in an exchange program between their home university and a New Zealand partner university are also eligible for this award, provided that the exchange program lasts at least 6 months.

For further information concerning application details and calendar