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Other scholarships

Several other bursaries are available to Sciences Po students according to different requirements such as nationality, academic achievements, career plan and level of study.


Aulagnon-Bettan Prize

The Aulagnon-Bettan prize is awarded by MAB Finances and rewards first year students at Sciences Po for their commitment to promoting and improving society through education.

Four prizes of 5000, 4000, 3000 and 2000 euros are awarded to the winners. Exceptionally, a single price of 14 000 euros may be awarded.

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Bursaries for Asia 

Refer to the relevant French embassy website to learn of specific bursary programmes offered by the French government.

There may also be locally sponsored bursary programmes through your home university, government institutions or even numerous foundations within your home country. Please refer to the respective websites of these organisations to determine your eligibility for financial assistance.

For more information please refer to the Centre for Asia at Sciences Po.

Bursary for students looking for their first job (ARPE)

The ARPE bursary has been created to help recently graduated students whilst looking for their first job. Students are required to be under the age of 28 years old and must demonstrate low family income.

For further information, please consult Sciences Po's Career Services' website.

Campus France

For information on the bursary programmes please refer to the Campus France search engine.

China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Created by Sciences Po and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) in 2015, the Boutmy-CSC joint scholarship aims to form some of the best Chinese students with a solid academic base and rich professional experience.

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Civil Society Leadership Award

The purpose of the Civil Society Leadership is to help future leaders in countries where civil society is challenged by a deficit of democratic practice in local governance and social development.

Contact Sciences Po: Pauline Couteau, Direction des Affaires internationales (DAI)

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Claude Erignac Award

The Claude Erignac Association was created shortly after the assassination of the Prefect Claude Erignac in February 1998 with the goal to preserve the memory and values that guided his actions in life.

The association, in partnership with Sciences Po, created the Claude Erignac Award meant to support students who have completed Sciences Po's undergraduate programme and distinguished themselves during their studies by an exemplary commitment to civic engagement through academic or voluntary projects. The award should also contribute to encouraging recipients to maintain their social and civic engagement.

This award, which carries a value of € 8,000, will be offered to one individual or a group of recipients for exemplary academic achievement in their undergraduate studies and whose commitment resonate with republican and humanist values such as general and collective interest, concern for the plight of others, respect for the differences of others or the commitment to equality of opportunity and success for all.

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DAAD Merit Scholarship

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) offers to support students who wish to spend their first year of graduate studies at Sciences Po. The DAAD will cover tuition fees for students who are both admitted to Sciences Po and selected for the DAAD Scholarship. Any student who wishes to spend his/her second year of Master at Sciences Po may request for a renewal of the scholarship contingent upon his/her academic results. This renewal may be granted in exceptional cases. Candidates must apply separately to a Sciences Po Master programme and the DAAD.

Contact at Sciences Po: Frank Stadelmaier, International Affairs Division (DAI) – Centre for Europe

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David Gritz Scholarship

The David Gritz Scholarship was created to honor the memory of David Gritz, a student killed in a terrorist attack at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem on July 31, 2002. Created in 2012, the David Gritz Scholarship is meant to attract undergraduate and graduate Israeli citizens who wish to study at Sciences Po.

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Diversity in the Civil Service bursary (l'ALDIV)

Students registered at Sciences Po in the preparatory course who will take the French competitive examinations can apply for the Diversity in the Civil Service bursary (l'ALDIV). This bursary is managed by the Paris prefecture and the Ile de France region.

The bursary amounts to 2000 euros for the year and can be combined with the Crous bursary. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of household income and academic results.

Students from an EU or EEA member country or Swiss nationals are eligible to apply for this bursary. All important information can be found on the Ile-de-France region website (in French). Students must send their completed application including all supporting documents by the 30th September 2016 at the latest (the date of the post office stamp or Prefecture) to the following address: Préfecture de la région d'Île-de-France – PFRH (Allocation diversité), 5 rue Leblanc, 75911 Paris Cedex 15. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Students will be notified of the outcome of their application in November 2016 after the organization of a commission. Students will not be given any information by telephone.

Successful candidates will receive the first installment before the end of the year and the second installment after the attendance check carried out during the first trimester in 2017.

Eiffel Scholarship

The Eiffel Scholarship programme, launched in January 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, is aimed at foreign students recognised for academic excellence who will pursue their studies at French institutions of higher education.

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Federal Direct Loans Program

The Federal Direct Loans Program (FDLP) provides eligible American citizens with repayable loan funds enabling them to pay expenses related to their higher education.

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Fondation de France (scholarships guidebook)

The Foundation of France has created a scholarships guidebook designed to help students find a scholarship according to their profile and academic project.

This guide lists all scolarships, loans and prizes awarded by the Foundation of France and its 120 other foundations and covers mobility grants and academic scolarships.

For more information on Fondation de France scholarships guidebook (fr.)

Franco-American Fulbright Commission

The US Student Program is open to students with a bachelor's degree or a master's degree.

The Franco-American Fulbright Commission's US Student Program offers grants to graduating college seniors, recent bachelor-degree recipients as well as master and doctoral-degree candidates.

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French Government Scholarships (AEFE)

The French government, through the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs supports student mobility by offering scholarships to students with an excellent academic background (bourses Excellence-Major).

These scholarships allow the best non-French students from French high schools abroad to follow a higher education degree in France. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum duration of 5 years and up to Master 2 level or equivalent.

Non-French students are selected on every continent. Nominations are made by the school's principal and approved by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the diplomatic post in the country. To secure the scholarship, selected students must receive the baccalaureate with "very good" or "good."

For further information, please refer to the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE)

Henri de Castries Scholarship

Sciences Po's desire to attract the brightest and most deserving students coincides with the spirit of AXA to support transatlantic bonds, and the vision of Henri de Castries to foster French-American relations.

Through the Henri de Castries Scholarship, Sciences Po will offer a merit-based scholarship for students in order to help them sustain their stay in France during their studies. Students who apply to the Henri de Castries Scholarship can be enrolled in either the Columbia or Berkeley dual BA program with Sciences Po.

Further information about the Henri de Castrie Scholarship

KSP Excellence Scholarship

The Kuwait Program at Sciences Po offers multiple scholarships to outstanding students admitted to Sciences Po at the Master level. Opportunities include: KSP Excellence Scholarship for the Study of the Arab World and Gulf Region; KSP Excellence Scholarship for Arab Students; KSP Excellence Scholarship for Least Developed Countries.

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L'Oreal Excellence Award Asia

The L'Oréal Excellence Award Asia rewards one student with a grant of 5000 euros. The scholarship is open to students currently studying in a Master's program at Sciences Po Paris.

Students who are have lived or worked in an Asian country for a period of 12 months are eligible to apply.

The deadline for the 2016-17 academic year is the 10th April 2017.

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MAEDI Scholarship

This scholarship programme gives the opportunity to Syrian students enrolled in a French Higher Education Institution for the forthcoming year to have a monthly scholarship allowance together with other advantages, for a duration of 1 to 3 years.

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Contact Sciences Po : Caterina Sabbatini-Clec'h :

MDP Scholarship

On a competitive basis, scholarships are awarded each year to MDP (Master in Development Practice) candidates (who are not eligible for the Emile-Boutmy scholarship). These scholarships are awarded on the basis of need as well as merit. They range from partial to full tuition remission, and are valid for study at Sciences Po upon sufficient academic performance (top 50% of class). They do not cover living expenses, books, or field training.

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Michel David-Weill Scholarship  

In comparison to the many scholarship programmes offered by the world's most prestigious universities, the Michel David-Weill Scholarship constitutes a true innovation for Sciences Po. This scholarship is awarded every year to an American student from a top-tier university to pursue his/her postgraduate education at Sciences Po in Paris, France. This scholarship represents the core values embodied by Michel David –Weill – excellence, leadership and high achievement.

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MPA Scholarship 

A limited number of competitive scholarships are awarded each year to Master in Public Affairs (MPA) candidates (those who are not eligible for the Emile Boutmy Scholarship). These bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need as well as merit in the form of tuition reduction. These tuition reductions range from 10% to over 50%.They do not cover living expenses.

For scholarship consideration, please contact directly the MPA team:

National Administration School bursary (ENA)

Students registered at Sciences Po in the preparatory course who will take the competitive exams for the National Administration School (ENA) can apply for a bursary.

The application form is to be completed online. Students must send their confirmation letter before the 10th October 2016 by email to: info.bourses@sciencespo.fr. The National Administration School (ENA) is responsible for the attribution of all bursaries. The bursary amounts to 3156 euros for the year and cannot be combined with any other scholarship or bursary (excluding the diversity bursary).

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QS scholarships

As part of QS's mission to provide information and access to universities and graduate programs, QS offers US$1.7 million in scholarship funding to selected applicants.

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REFEB Bourses de terrain

L'ambassade de France subventionne des bourses de terrain de 3 à 6 mois au Brésil pour des jeunes chercheurs brésilianistes en sciences humaines et sociales.

Attention : date limite de dépôt des candidatures dimanche 6 novembre 2016

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Seydoux scholarship

Created with the support from the Fondation de France , the Seydoux scholarship commemorates the memory of René Seydoux and his commitment to dialogue in the Mediterranean region. The scholarship is open to citizens and/or residents in ten countries located in the expanded Mediterranean Basin allowing who wish to study at Sciences Po at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Further information about the Seydoux scholarship

Stephen M. Kellen scholarship

The Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship designed to attract the brightest and most deserving students to the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Freie Universität Berlin.

It encourages promising young individuals to commit to Europe by giving them the keys to law, economics, history, political science, and sociology; the opportunity to speak at least three languages; and the ability to navigate in both German and French cultures.

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