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Reimbursement procedures

Students need to choose a French national healthcare reimbursement agency, either : SMEREP (center 617) or LMDE (center 601). Both agencies will process the reimbursements for medical expenses.

Students have to choose the same agency for their complementary insurance as their healthcare agency.

Purchasing a complementary insurance is exclusively possible when registering online (step 2 of the online registration procedure).

Reimbursement conditions for medical expenses have changed since the 2004-810 rule of august 13th, 2004 (in French).

For more information, please visit the website of the French national healthcare agency (in French) to be informed on the medical care formalities (for example, the obligation, to choose a general practitioner known as "médecin traitant".

Health insurance procedures for reimbursement of medical expenses

Following a visit to your general practitioner (GP) or medical specialist you have to submit a request for reimbursement.

Be sure to follow the coordinated care procedure and fill out the Choice of GP (“déclaration du médecin traitant”) form available on ameli.fr.

European students

You must have a European Health Insurance Card. You have to call “3646”, ask the international department and then fix an appointment by phone; or send your request to: Service relation internationale, CPAM CS 70001, 75948 Paris Cedex 19.

International students

Send your reimbursement request to your chosen section at the following address:

  • LMDE Assurance maladie, Centre 601, 35070 RENNES CEDEX 09
    For further information: Location: 7 rue Danton 75006 Paris Subway 4 or 10 to Odéon (closest office)
  • SMEREP, Centre 617, 16 Bd du Général Leclerc, 92115 CLICHY CEDEX
    For further information: Location: 54 Bd Saint Michel 75006 PARIS Subway Line 4 to Saint Michel or Line 10 to Cluny - la Sorbonne (closest office)

In both cases, be sure to send the following documents :

  • Proof of affiliation, with your first reimbursement request
  • Bank account details, with your first reimbursement request
  • Your choice of GP
  • The duplicate of your medical prescriptions, don’t forget to sign it and keep a copy
  • A completed healthcare form