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Students from a European Economic Area member country

CROUS bursaries (based on household income)

Students from a European Economic Area member country who have studied in France for at least one year are eligible to apply for the CROUS needs-based bursary (fr.) by completing the Student Social File (Dossier Social Etudiant) on the CROUS website from the 15th January onwards. Students are required to apply every year before the 31st May.

Apply for the CROUS bursary: Student Social File (Dossier Social Etudiant) application (fr.)

Sciences Po Europe bursary

To compensate for the lack of bursaries and grants that the government awards to European students, Sciences Po has decided to establish a very ambitious social aid policy in their favour. Students from a European Economic Area member country who fulfill the Crous eligibility requirements may be eligible to receive a bursary from Sciences Po which is equivalent to the Crous bursary as long as students meet the eligibility requirements.

This bursary is only awarded to students during their first year of study in France. Students who are eligible are required to apply for the Crous bursary for their second year of study and applications must be made during the first year of study at Sciences Po between the 15th January and the 31st May.

To find out if you are eligible for the Sciences Po Europe bursary, students can calculate their Crous status on the Crous website.

Eligible students will be placed in one of eight Crous levels (0bis to 7) according to parents' gross income and family expense points (points de charge) and will receive a tuition fee waiver and cost of living bursary which you will receive in 10 monthly disbursements from September to June.

Important information: Students are not authorised to accumulate the Sciences Po Europe bursary with any other bursary, grant or scholarship. The Sciences Po Europe bursary is awarded to students according to the same criteria used by the Crous.

How to apply ?

Students can apply for the Sciences Po Europe bursary as soon as they have accepted their admission's offer. The deadline for applying is the 30th June 2017.

Students are required to complete the steps as listed below :

  1.  Complete the online application form by logging in to your Sciences Po Gmail account (firstname.lastname@sciencespo.fr)
  2. Register administratively online in accordance with the administrative registrations calendar. When completing your administrative registration online, please ensure that you declare yourself as a Sciences Po scholarship holder ("I am a Sciences Po scholarship holder"), follow the steps and submit your online administrative registration.

Do not forget to indicate your bank details in your name in your Sciences Po online area  («administrative services, housing and financial aid », «registration file and certificates», «to enter your bank account details - optional»).

Once you have submitted your online administrative registration,  we will examine your application for the Sciences Po Europe bursary and you will be asked to provide additional documents.

We aim to deal with your application within one month and you will be informed by email. All applications dealt with within this be period must be considered complete and include the required translated documents.

Incomplete or late applications will not be dealt with. Students with an incomplete or late application will not be considered as a scholarship student and tuition fees will be calculated by the administrative registration department.

Sciences Po's bursaries and financial aid office is open to students from Monday to Thursday 9.30am to 12.00pm and 1.30pm to 4pm and on Friday from 9.30am to 12.00pm at 9 rue de la Chaise on the lower ground floor.

At the beginning of the academic year, the office is open non-stop from 9.30 am to 4pm.

Contact the bursaries and financial aid office : info.bourses@sciencespo.fr

Sciences Po exchange students from a European partner university

Exchange students at Sciences Po do not pay tuition fees as tuition fees are paid directly to their home university. Exchange students from a European partner university may be eligible to apply for a bursary from their home university through the Erasmus+ programme.

Please note that Sciences Po does not offer any bursaries or scholarships to exchange students. Exchange students are eligible to apply for funding through the Erasmus+ programme or are encouraged to contact their home university directly to see if they are eligible for any bursaries or scholarships.