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Exam Instructions

  1. Students absent from an examination must report immediately to undergraduate or graduate registrar’s office. A student who is absent on account of illness must submit a medical certificate to the undergraduate or graduate registrar’s office.
  2. Late students are allowed to enter the exam room during the first hour but they will not be given any extra time. No one is allowed to leave the exam room during the last 15 minutes of the examination.
    • Apart from those two phases, students are allowed to leave the room only to go to the bathroom. No other leaving is authorised (smoking, eating, etc.).
    • Any student who wants to return a blank answer sheet must sign it in front of the exam supervisor. However he or she is not allowed to leave the room during the first hour.
  3. Students must report to 27 rue Saint-Guillaume 15 minutes before the beginning of their exam. All students will be required to show identification : Student card and ID card/passport/ driving licence. To know the location of your exam (building and room), consult the information boards in the main entrance of 27, rue Saint-Guillaume. Exams outside Sciences Po will be identified on the exam’s online calendar.
  4. The only materials allowed in exams are ID and authorized documents indicated on the top of the exam paper. Bags, personal items (clothing, pencil cases, cell phones turned off, etc.) and any other documents must be set-aside. All seats are numbered.  Students must sit at the desk at which they have been allocated.
  5. Sheets, insert sheets and scrap paper are provided by Sciences Po. Students are not allowed to bring their own sheets and scrap paper. Before beginning an exam, students must write on their answer sheet their name and the number they have been allocated. They must stitch down the left corner to ensure their anonymity. Any insert sheets must be identified as well. Before returning their answer sheets, they must indicate how many insert sheets have been used.
  6. Authorized materials are indicated on the top of the exam paper according to the instructions provided by the teacher.
  7. Copies are returned to the exam supervisors. At the end signal, students must stop writing and wait at their desk until their answer sheet has been picked up by a supervisor. All copies are picked up immediately. Each student will be given a piece of cardboard they will have to give to the supervisor outside the exam room proving that the answer sheet was picked up.
  8. Students must ONLY use blue or black pens (no pencil) and provide their own materials (pens, calculators, etc.). Unless otherwise stated on the subject, the copy must be written in the language of the subject.
  9. Dictionaries are not authorised.
    NOTE: ONLY International students taking part in Sciences Po’s exchange programme are allowed to bring a bilingual dictionary (French / native language). Students may not make any notes on that dictionary. Exam supervisors are authorised to check them before, during or after the exam.
  10. Only bottled drink (no cups) and snacks are allowed.

In all cases, students must respect instructions given by the exam supervisors or any member of the administration.