Accueil > Post-1945 International Relations: The Global Cold War

AHIS 1585A - Post-1945 International Relations: The Global Cold War

Type d'enseignement : Lecture and tutorials

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 48

Language of tuition : English


Basic knowledge of 20th century international history.

Course Description

The course will discuss post-1945 international relations by focusing primarily on the Cold War and the global competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. Of this competition, we will examine the geopolitical roots, unique ideological dimension, social and cultural impact, and international reverberations. Particular attention will be dedicated to the various possible sub-periodizations of the history of post-1945 international relations as defined by the main transformations and turning-points of the Cold War. The attention to the European original core of the bipolar antagonism will be integrated by the analysis of the progressive globalization of the US-Soviet competition, and of how the Cold War increasingly affected extra-European regions and dynamics. A specific part of each session will be dedicated to historiography and the different interpretations offered over time by historians.


DI DONATO, Michele (Junior researcher au Centre d'Histoire de Sciences Po)

Course validation

The Conférence de Méthode (Tutorial): 2/3 : - Seminar participation (10%) ; - One Presentation of ca. 10/15 minutes (30%) ; - One paper of ca. 1200 words that on a primary source - its contents, discourse and historical meaning – to be agreed with the instructor. (30%) ; - One short test of 50 minutes (30%) ; Final Exam: 1/3

Required reading

  • Textbook: Robert J. MacMahon, The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2003) [recommended particularly for students who have not previously taken classes in 20th century international history] (available at the library in e-book format).
  • In addition to the textbook, the students will be required to read selected chapters (as detailed in the syllabus) from:
  • Kalinovski & Daigle (eds), The Routledge Handbook of the Cold War, 2014
  • Immerman and Goedde (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Cold War, 2013
  • Leffler & Westad (eds), The Cambridge History of the Cold War, 3 Volumes, 2011

Additional required reading

To be communicated in class

Senior lecturers

  • CANESTRINI, Flavia (Etudiante)
  • CAPDEVILA, Elisa (Professeur agrégé)
  • DORION-SOULIE, Manuel (Doctorant)
  • FAURE, Justine (Maître de conférences des universités)
  • GRANDI, Elisa (Post doctorante)
  • KHAN, Inaya (Doctorant contractuel)