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BART 13A01 - Song, multilingual writing & the anthropology of music

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

The principal aim of this workshop is to give each student the opportunity to learn, in an incremental and fun way, the vocal and musical techniques (breathing exercises, voice placement, projection, poise and other non-verbal skills, vocal gesture, jazz improvisation, polyphonic and polyrhythmic improvisations, etc.) needed to build a collective project around the following: 1. The creation of multilingual songs that appeal specifically to languages taught at Sciences Po Menton, viz., English, French, Arabic, Persian,Turkish, Hebrew and Turkish, and that pool from a number of musical influence, e.g., Jazz and Middle Eastern music, around the theme "openness to cultures and civilizations in their diversity". 2. The setting to music of original and translated passages from a poem. This workshop will be an opportunity to work in groups on the following themes: "The expression of power and the power of expression" and "Our relation to ourselves and to others". Students will be asked to analyze and critically assess the linguistic and musical ideologies present in contemporary songs studied as part of the course as well as excerpts from monographs and journal articles in social anthropology. These and other exercises will equip students with the tools needed to generate in-depth analyses of the relentless interchange between our aims and ambitions as individuals, those of global powers, and processes of cultural transfer. This workshop will be conducted in both English and French. Students will write lyrics in these languages and any refrains to be expressed in an alternate language will be translated accordingly. The resulting works will reveal the musical richness of the languages taught at Sciences Po Menton. Collective interviews with actors of the music world (performers, theorists, etc.) will also be on the program. Our work together during this semester will give rise to a public performance. No previous training in music is required in order to participate in this workshop.


JARNOT, Cécile (Doctorante)

Course validation

Mastery over course material: 10%; Group projects, written and musical assignments: 35% of the final grade; Analysis and participation in debates: 20% of the final grade; Quality and pertinence of interviews conducted alongside various actors of the music world: 10%; Final performance: 15%; Class participation: 10% of the final grade.

Required reading