Accueil > International Economics, Globalization and Financial Crisis

BECO 1605A - International Economics, Globalization and Financial Crisis.

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Basic knowledge in microeconomics and macroeconomics are sufficient.

Course Description

This lecture focuses on past and more recent financial crisis. We'll study, using different economic models and historical examples, some defining moments of financial history, from the Tulip Bubble to the EuroCrisis. Main topics : market and crashes (David Bowie, used cars and securitization) ; derivatives (James Bond and Options) ; bank runs ; liquidity and insolvency.


MOTTET, Stéphane (Maître de conférence des Universités)

Pedagogical format

2 hour lecture

Course validation

A group presentation and a short paper.


Readings of articles before every session. Preparation of a presentation in group on a chosen subject.

Required reading

  • The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World, Niall Ferguson
  • Manias, Panics and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises de Charles P. Kindleberger et Robert Z. Aliber
  • This Time is Different, Reinhart and Rogoff