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Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


No special knowledge required.

Course Description

The course focuses on critically exploring interesting innovations and pilot projects that shake the common thinking about the socio-political organization of western societies. Is a world without unemployment possible? Is a world without work desirable? How can the people make the law together? Through the analysis of current experiments and new theories, let us discuss contemporary utopias, their translation in practical measures and how to implement them successfully in other contexts. Sciences Po forms tommorow's leaders, let give them hope and inspiration to imagine a better future. Another course's ambition is to be challenging, optimistic and very concrete. For every lesson, we will chose one theme that will be analysed through readings and a wide range of tools (videos, radio broadcasts, invitation of speakers and specialists, etc.), encouraging lively debates among the students. General objectives of the course : to explore interesting innovations and experiments translating new utopias and original worldviews ; to question and comment their implementing measures, and to adopt positions on them ; a practical application through the presentation of an innovative project to an elective member of the municipal council.


  • NAGELS, Marthe (Technical and political advisor, Paris city council)
  • POLLET, Nicolas (Internal auditor, Hauts-de-Seine departmental council)

Pedagogical format

Seminar course with innovative collaborative approach.

Course validation

Oral presentation: a 15 min team presentation on an experimentation related to the subject of the course. The students are evaluated on the quality of their work and on their ability to express their personnal and argued mind. Note from a book. Involvement grade, shared by the all class.

Required reading

Thomas MOORE (1516) : Utopia

Additional required reading

  • George KATEB (2010) : Utopianism. A very short introduction
  • Rutger BREGMAN (2017) : Utopia for realists
  • Elisa LEWIS, Romain SLITINE (2016) : Le coup d'Etat citoyen
  • Black Mirror. Creator Charlie Brooker. Perf. Chris Martin Hill, Daniel Kaluuya, Toby Kebbell. Zeppotron, 2012