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DAFF 2835A - Primer on Guerilla Warfare and Counterinsurgency (A)

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


The class requires a basic knowledge of 20th Century international history and an active interest in world affairs. No other background knowledge is assumed.

Course Description

Guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency are now among the most dominant forms of conflict throughout the world (Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc. Anyone interested in understanding the global dynamics of warfare in the 21st century will therefore need some basic knowledge about the specifics of these strategies and modes of fighting. This course draws on a multidisciplinary approach combining history, strategic studies and political philosophy. It will follow a series of case studies in a chronological order from the Second World War to this day. It puts an emphasis on the study of primary sources, whether practical (archives, reports) or theoretical (essays, doctrines).


TENENBAUM, Elie J. (Assistant de recherche)

Course validation

- Presentation (50%): Participants are asked to make short presentations in small groups. - Text preparation (2x20%): Every week participants must prepare a 2-page paper presenting the nature of the text, its author, the context of writing, and the main ideas conveyed. - In-class participation (10%)

Required reading

  • Ian F. Beckett, Modern insurgencies and coutnerinsurgencies: guerrillas and their opponents since 1750, London, Taylor and Francis, 2001
  • David Galula, Counterinsurgency: Theory and Practice, New York, Praeger, 2004