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DAFF 3020A - Negotiation and Mediation of Middle East Conflicts

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This multi-disciplinary course covers three broad topics: negotiation between states as a key diplomatic function, the phenomenon of third-party mediation in conflict resolution, and a series of case studies from the Middle East. These include: the Lebanese civil war, the Algerian civil war, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Libya conflict, and the Yemen conflict. The course also involves a simulation exercise based on the negotiation process of the Syria conflict. These three topics are covered from both the theoretical and practical perspectives, so the course literature as well as lectures provide a good balance between what the academics state as well as what actual diplomats and mediators experience. Given the regional focus, the course also provides a degree of area studies specialization. The use of a simulation exercise will provide students with a more immediate empirical foundation to enhance their understanding of the theoretical discussions. Central issues to be discussed and compared are cultural differences in international negotiation, third parties in international negotiations, and practice and strategies linked to various diplomatic actors (states, IGOs, NGOs, as well as official and unofficial diplomats). In addition, the case studies will provide an overview of each conflict as well as the ramifications for short- and long-term peacebuilding in the Middle East.


RENNICK, Sarah A. (Researcher and operations coordinator)

Required reading

Sharp, P., (1999). For Diplomacy: Representation and the Study of International Relations International Studies Review 1(1), pp. 33-57.

Additional required reading

  • Zartman, W., (2008). Negotiation and Conflict Management. Essays on theory and practice. London: Routledge, chapters 1,3.
  • Svensson, I. and Wallensteen, P., (2010). The Go-Between: Jan Eliasson and the Styles of Mediation. Washington DC, United States Institute of Peace. 160 pp.
  • Norton, A.R., (1991). Lebanon after Ta'if: Is the Civil War Over? Middle East Journal 45(3), pp.457-573.