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DAFF 3085A - Human Rights Advocacy

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Being interested in the field of human rights advocacy!

Course Description

Through interdisciplinary lenses (IR, Political Theory, Law, and International Sociology), this course introduces students to the theoretical and practical stakes of a selection of human rights issues. The course first gives a primer on human rights issues (foundations, institutions and mechanisms) and advocacy work. The focus will then shift to the substantive scope of human rights through the cases of gender, migration, and development as issues challenging human rights law and advocacy. Finally, the course proposes to reflect on the durability of human rights in an ever more challenging – and changing – global political landscape: can we reconcile the state-centered origins of human rights with the emergence of transnational corporations as human rights violators? Can human rights still justify humanitarian intervention in the context of armed conflicts? How can we uphold human rights while addressing national security concerns? The course is based on a diversified range of teaching materials – academic readings, NGO sector documents, documentaries, and films – to introduce students to both academic and professional works in the field of human rights. Additionally, the teacher will connect students with human rights practitioners for the undertaking of relevant tasks (oral presentations and final papers).


CHARAUDEAU, Bastien (Doctorant contractuel)

Course validation

Students will be graded based on their general oral participation during classes (10%), the overall quality of their one-page reaction papers (10%), one oral presentation (team presentation of a human-rights-advocacy strategy or a presentation of a pre-assigned topic; 40%), and a final paper taking the form of either an academic essay or an NGO-type working document (40%).

Required reading

  • PETRASEK David (2014), “Global Trends and the Future of Human Rights Advocacy”, Sur - International Journal on Human Rights, vol. 11, no 20, pp. 45 56, Online access
  • MUTUA M. (2001), “Savages, Victims, and Saviors: The Metaphor of Human Rights”, 42 Harv. Int'l L. Rev. 201, Online access
  • BANTEKAS Ilias & OETTE Lutz (2013), International human rights law and practice, New York, Cambridge University Press (abstracts)
  • MIHR, A. & GIBNEY, M. (eds.) (2014) The Sage Handbook of Human Rights. Los Angeles: SAGE (abstracts), Online access
  • Homeland – Season 5 (2015, TV show)