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DSPO 1870A - Personal Autonomy and Political Liberty

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This seminar course, taught in English, explores the connections between personal psychology on the one hand and the various attempts to define the nature and limits of political freedom in a democratic society on the other. Many influential accounts of liberty either treat psychology as irrelevant to politics or reduce the psychological dimensions of human individual lives to actions defined in purely causal terms. The course will examine the merits of recent writings from perspectives as different as idealism, feminism, phenomenology and neo-republican thought that challenge this orthodoxy.


SHARKEY, Ronan (Maître de conférences des Universités)

Pedagogical format

Cours-séminaire de 2 heures avec exposés.

Course validation

Brief synthesis of previous lecture (by group) ; - Term paper I (to be handed in at mid-semester) ; - Term paper II (to be handed in at the last lecture).


1. Term paper (50%) ; 2. Oral presentation (30%) ; 3. General participation, including brief synthesis of previous discussion (20%).

Required reading

  • D. Miller, ed., The Liberty Reader, Routledge, 2016
  • I. Berlin, Liberty, ed. H. Hardy, Oxford U.P., 2002
  • Ph. Pettit, Just Freedom, Norton, 2014

Additional required reading

MILLER, David, The Liberty Reader (Edinburgh, 2006)