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DSPO 2165A - Left and Right in European Politics

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This course proposes an introduction to the political alignments and ideologies that have given substance to the Left/Right distinction in Europe from the beginning of the Cold War to the present day. To provide students with a sort of ‘map' for orienting themselves in this field, the course is divided in two parts: the first part will focus on some of the major currents of Left and Right in Europe during the second half of the twentieth century (communism, socialism, neoliberalism) while the second part will analyse some contemporary challenges (populism, Europeanization). Methodologically, the distinctive aspect of the course is the intention of combining a theoretical approach, focusing on the history of ideas, with a more empirical approach, focusing on the sociological aspects. This is reflected in the background of the two instructors – an academic political theorist and an empirical political scientist currently working as a political advisor.


  • HAYAT, Samuel D. (Ingénieur de recherche)
  • RONCHI, Francesco (Directeur Adjoint du Cabinet du Président du groupe des socialistes et démocrates au Parlement européen)

Course validation

Weekly mandatory readings (max 40-50 pages per week). Students will be evaluated on the basis of: a) Class presentations (25%). b) Quality and assiduity of contributions to the class blog (25%). c) A final exam (25%). d) Attendance and class participation (25%).

Required reading

Michael Freeden, Ideology: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press