Accueil > Corruption and good governance: an issue of our time

DSPO 2340A - Corruption and good governance: an issue of our time

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Corruption has attracted increasing attention in the last three decades and become an unavoidable issue for scholars and practitioners interested in national politics, in the crisis of representative democracy and in international development. This course will look at the various forms of corruption, the theories that explain the phenomenon as well as its consequences. It will give students an overview of the various efforts deployed both nationally and internationally to address the problem. The objectives of the course are both (i) to explore the principal ontological and epistemological debates of social sciences through the prism of a contemporary issue; (ii) to make students think about the issue of corruption from an interdisciplinary perspective; and (iii) to provide them with the tools they could need in their future carriers with regards to anti-corruption efforts.


WICKBERG, Sofia (Doctorante contractuelle)

Course validation

Students will be evaluated on the basis of three grades: [40%] presentation of the assigned reading or case study (each session will start with a discussion of the week's reading and case study); [50%] case study or research project proposal; [10%] class participation.

Required reading

Heywood Paul (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Political Corruption. Abingdon (UK) : Routledge. 2015

Additional required reading

  • Heidenheimer Arnold J., Johnston Michael (ed.). Political corruption. Concepts and contexts. New Brunswick (USA) : Transaction. 2005
  • Holmberg Sören and Rothstein Bo. Good government. The Relevance of Political Science. Cheltenham (UK) : Edward Elgar. 2012
  • Persson, Anna, Bo Rothstein and Jan Teorell. 2012. “Why Anticorruption Reforms Fail: Systemic Corruption as a Collective Action Problem" Governance 26(3): 449-471
  • Mungiu-Pippidi, Alina. 2013. “Controlling Corruption through Collective Action.” Journal of Democracy 24 (1): 101-115