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KAFP 3400 - Health: a Global perspective

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This course will provide an overview of and an introduction to health from a global perspective, with a focus on emerging countries. Following an introduction into contemporary achievements and challenges in global health, each session will be dedicated to a specific issue of global health. The themes that will be covered include the fight against HIV/AIDS and malaria as well as pandemic preparedness, the links between development, development aid and health. It will also cover the new global health architecture, the birth of health diplomacy, the challenges of health systems reform, climate change and health, health industrial strategies, and eventually the new dimensions of humanitarian and disaster health, and women's and child health. The teaching methodology will combine lectures as well as presentations by guest speakers on key global health issues.


VIOSSAT, Louis-Charles (High civil servant, social affairs)

Course validation

A short written policy paper (4-5 pages in Calibri 12pt interline 1.5) on a global health issue (for instance, should the World Bank set up a dedicated fund on Ebola?), taking the viewpoint of a specific stakeholder in a particular policy situation (for instance, the staff of a development minister going to the Board of the World Bank on Ebola in West Africa). The topic is to be agreed upon between end September and mid-October and the policy paper is due before December 2. The paper may be collectively written by a group of 2 max. 60%. A 30' questionnaire (10-15 questions), delivered in October, on the themes covered by the course. 30%. Their participation during the class. 10%.

Required reading

  • Richard Skolnik, Global Health 101. Second edition. Chapter 1 (principles and goals of global health) and chapter 2 (health determinants, measurements and trends)
  • Global Health, edited by Brian Nicholson, Judy McKimm and Ann K. Allen, Chapter 9 (Communicable diseases)
  • UNGA, Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS: On the Fast-Track to Accelerate the Fight against HIV and to End the AIDS Epidemic by 2030, June 2016
  • Protecting Humanity from Future Health Crises, Report of the High-level Panel on the Global Response to Health Crises, January 2016
  • Global Health, an introductory textbook, by Ann Lindstrand and colleagues, Chapter 12 (Global health collaboration)