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KAFP 3415 - Public Economics - Level 1

Type d'enseignement : Lecture and tutorials

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 36

Language of tuition : English


There are no formal prerequisites for this class. However, students should be able to do basic arithmetic calculations and interpret tables and graphs.

Course Description

The purpose of this introductory course, intended for students with little or no previous background in economics, is to provide a framework of basic microeconomic principles (supply, demand, market equilibrium and market dynamics) that can be applied to public policy analysis. This first part of the course will focus on the behavior of consumers and producers as they engage in economic activity, generally governed by markets and the price system. The second part will attempt to provide coverage of topics (such as education, social security, industry regulation) that concern public sector decision-making. The following fundamental questions of public economics will be addressed: What market failures cause government to intervene in the economy? What structure of government expenditures and taxation will best achieve equity and/or efficiency? What will be the effect of government action on the distribution of income?


GRANIK, Anton (Professeur associé)

Course validation

There will be two examinations : a midterm and a cumulative final exam each comprising 50% of your final grade. The midterm exam will likely take place during a TA session.

Required reading

  • “Microeconomics” P. Krugman and R. Wells
  • “Public Finance and Public Policy” Jonathan Gruber

Senior lecturers

  • HYPPOLITE, Paul-Adrien (Ingénieur-élève du Corps des Mines)
  • KUBIK, Zaneta A. (Doctorant contractuel)
  • SIGNORELLI, Sara (Etudiant doctoral)