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KAFP 3525 - Legal Implications of Innovation on Society

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Scientific and technological innovations often bring about issues that challenge laws that were created at a time that could not anticipate concerns arising from technological advances. By examining current real world case studies across diverse technological fields, this course will examine the various legal issues that relate to science and technology and how they affect and shape policy decisions. Topics will include: (a) how intellectual property law and open science policy affects innovation; (b) how the market affects innovation through competition law and economic policy; (c) how the law addresses and responds to problems created by technological advances in areas such as biomedical research, digital technology, and social media; and (d) how competing legal and policy frameworks affect the development and dissemination of innovations. This will provide the foundation for discussions relating to the challenges and applicability of traditional legal concepts to 'new' technologies as a tool for shaping public policy.


YU, Helen (Post dostorante, Universty of Copenhagen)

Pedagogical format

Lecture and group discussions based on case studies.

Course validation

Assignment #1 : 15%. Assignment #2 : 15%. Oral Presentation : 20%. Final Exam (oral and written component) : 40%. In-Class Participation : 10%.


Readings will be assigned at the end of class. Students are expected to complete the readings before next class and prepare any questions they may have about the readings to be discussed during class.

Required reading

  • Annette Kur and Thomas Dreier European Intellectual Property Law - Text, Cases and Materials Edward Elgar 2013
  • Jan Trzaskowski, Andrej Savin, Bjorn Lundqvist and Patrik Lindskoug Introduction to EU Internet Law Ex Tuto Publishing 2015