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KAFP 3565 - Comparative Property Law

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Fluency in written and spoken English ; basic knowledge of legal language ; general awareness of digital developments in the dissemination of creative contents.

Course Description

The course is designed to give students the overall knowledge of copyright and intellectual property relating to the management of culture. The introduction includes the explanation of copyright principles in international conventions and in the EU legal framework, focussing on the digital dissemination of creative works and products. The course highlights the relationship of copyright with media and telecommunications on the one hand, and with cultural diversity and freedom of expression, on the other hand . Each class is devoted to examine the specific aspects of a single creative sector, with cases or examples that help clarify the applicable legal regime and the main differences among countries. At the end of the course, students should identify and know how to face the main intellectual property issues when copyright protected contents are exploited for cultural purposes and which means are available for cultural institutions to protect their own copyright .


  • ERCOLANI, Stefania (Présidente - SIAE)
  • MENDIS, Sunimal G. (Junio Researcher - Ecole de droit Sciences Po)

Pedagogical format

The oral lessons are delivered with a Power Point presentation that will be made available online to the students ; the general notions are exemplified, whenever feasible, with cases. One or two guest teachers may be invited, subject to their availability.

Course validation

Students will present a paper based on their personal research on one of the subjects of the course or on the copyright implications of a concrete case. The paper should be minimum 10 pages and highlight the legal aspects involved ; where possible similar cases in different countries should be discussed. Two assignments: one mid-term, one at the end of the semester : a first paper on the subject they will choose for the final paper with the subject, the problematization, and the bibliography for example the weighting coefficient 40% mid-term paper / 60 % final paper


Students are required to read articles on the subjects of the lessons and prepare questions to be discussed during the sessions with the teacher and the other students ; it may be required to make internet research concerning specific topics.

Required reading

  • Geiger, Christopher, Human rights and intellectual Property, UK, Elgar Pub., 2015, Part II, Chapter 8 (Peukert) ; Part III, chapters 17 and 21.
  • Ginsburg, Jane C. ; Treppoz, Edouard, International Copyright Law – US and EU perspectives ; UK, Elgar Pub., 2015,
  • Yoshiyuki Tamura, Rethinking Copyright Institution, WIPO Journal 1/2009
  • May, Christopher, The pre-history and establishment of the WIPO, WIPO Journal, 1/2009, p. 16-26.
  • George Alexandra, The Metaphysics of Intellectual Property, in Alexandra George, Constructing Intellectual Property, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2012.