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KBAM 2070 - Global skills in Wealth Planning

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Wealth planning is the art of structuring wealth at its various stages : creation, development, preservation and transmission to the next generation. Wealth planning, one of the core activities of a private bank, mixes wealth protection, estate planning, succession planning and tax planning. This expertise is particularly important in the context of internationalization of the business wealth and/or of the families. Here, we will mainly focus on 3 subjects in a French and international environment: corporate and wealth planning structures, life insurance and real estate. We will also make two particular focus on wealth planning applied to philanthropy and to the approach of the top executives.


  • BOSSARD, Damien (Conseiller gestion de fortune, Société Générale)
  • JOLY, Laurent (Global Head of Wealth Planning, Fiduciary Services and Life Insurance, Société Générale)

Pedagogical format

Lecture course and practical tutorials (12 lectures on Wealth Planning divided by 7 lectures on Domestic Wealth Planning and 5 lectures on International Wealth Planning).

Course validation

- Case studies (group) : 45%. - QCM (individual) : 40%. - Participation (individual) : 15%.