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KCOE 3020 - Meaningful Branding

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Course taught in english Language; a level 4 and more is required in english to register for this course.

Course Description

The objective of the course is aimed at giving the participants the necessary mental skills and frameworks to ask themselves as future managers the key questions to help their brand navigate in today's risky waters Today, the majority of people would not care if two thirds of brands disappeared tomorrow. This points to the fact there is today a broken relationship between companies and individuals. Assessing the quality of real lasting values for consumers today is therefore critical. On the one hand, what is needed is to assess brand rational utility perception but also what the brand does for me at a personal level and what it does for us at a collective level. But identifying value is not enough it needs to be communicated properly in a digital world where conversation has become pivotal and the course will give participants a mental framework to help them assess the importance of brand experience and interactive communication .


GILARDO, Franck (Consultant, Brand & Communication)

Pedagogical format

12x2h ; 50% lecture, 50% participation.

Course validation

10% assiduity, punctuality ; 10% class participation ; 35% individual brand assessment (written document) ; 10% individual brand insight presentation powerpoint+oral presentation); 35% group brand assessment (powerpoint + oral presentation).


Individual brand assessment paper (new digital brand) and brand insight presentation (of the student choice), group work on a meaningful brand champion (established brand) : both tasks will be reflecting on the course content.

Required reading

  • Who cares wins (why good business is better business) David Jones FT Publishing/Pearson
  • The tipping point (how little things can make a big difference) Malcom Gladwell /Back Bay Books
  • Grow (how ideals powers growth and profit at the world greatest companies) Jim Stengel /Deckel Edge