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KCOE 4085 - Digital strategies, radical innovation and Design thinking

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


At least a level 4 in english language

Course Description

As human beings and consumers, we've already been transformed by the digital revolution. We've become technophile, have continuous internet access through sophisticated multi media devices. As a consequence, our behaviors have changed: the way we share information, communicate and buy, has deeply evolved in a very short period of time. Yet organizations and companies are still lagging behind and need to catch up with current available technology and usage evolution. In order to stay competitive, they need to accelerate their digital transformation. This course objective is to give you a strong understanding of the stakes you'll have to face in your future occupation. We will go from digital strategy to execution. We will practice the most advanced available innovation methods like Design Thinking. By both understanding the whole strategic picture and practicing Design Thinking, you'll get a strong digital acumen. It will help you work with start-ups or pure players with their own radical innovation methods and disruption culture. For those who will work in more traditional companies, you will get a strong background to position yourself as a much needed "actor of change" to execute their digital transformation strategy.


MARTI, Jean-François A. (Conseil en stratégie digitale & design d'expérience utilisateur, PWC)

Pedagogical format

The course will be split in 2: a theoretical approach, followed by a Design Thinking training and 2 workshops including presentation by groups (up to 4 person per group).

Course validation

60% Individual : paper (subject to be defined in course 2), Class participation throughout semester. 40% Collective exercise : Design Thinking collective presentation (up to 4 person per group).

Required reading

  • The experience economy, Joseph Pine, James Gilmore
  • The Lean Startup, Eric Reiss
  • The design of Business, Roger Martin
  • Change by Design, Tim Brown
  • Business Model Generation, Yves Pigneur & Alexander Osterwalder

Additional required reading

  • The Designful company, Martin Neumeier.
  • Jugaad innovation, Ravi Nadjou and Jaideep Prabhu
  • Creative Confidence, Tom and David Kelley
  • Subject to change, Peter Mehrholz, Brandon Schauer
  • The design of everyday things, Don Norman
  • Internet : an oral history – How the web was won (Vanity Fair)
  • Tomorrow's advanced man (New Yorker).
  • Why software is eating the world ?, Marc Andreesen (Wall Street Journal).
  • The evolution of Design Thinking, Harvard Business Review, Sept. 2015