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KDEC 4095 - Comparative Law (And Property)

Type d'enseignement : Séminaire

Semestre : Printemps 2017-2018

Nombre d'heures : 12

Langue d'enseignement : français, anglais


Students will be expected to familiarize themselves with tge basic features of the U.S. patent system and apply that knowledge to common factual situations.

Descriptif du cours

This course will review the basic features of patent law in the United States, with an emphasis on comparisons to patent law in other jurisdictions, particularly under the European Patent Convention.


BURK, Dan L. (Chancellor's Professor of Law)

Format pédagogique

Classroom interaction and lecture.

Mode de validation

Final essay examination and class participation.

Charge de travail

Text readings in English of approximately 25 pages per session.

Lectures principales demandées

Amy Landers, Understanding Patent Law, 2nd ed., Lexis Nexis, 2012