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KDEC 9370 - Comparative Law (Copyright)

Type d'enseignement : Séminaire

Semestre : Printemps 2017-2018

Nombre d'heures : 12

Langue d'enseignement : français


The "Copyright" course (fall semester) or any course providing basic knowledge of copyright law in any legal regime.

Descriptif du cours

This course aims at exploring other regimes of copyright (mainly US copyright law) and compare them to French system of "droit d'auteur" and to EU copyright law. After a general introduction on the different regimes ("droit d'auteur" in France, "copyright" in the US and the UK, "Urheberrecht" in Germany), 5 specific topics will be selected and studied on the basis of court decisions illustrating key differences or similarities between US copyright and EU or French regimes. The topics used for comparison will be: the notion of work and originality, the duration, the economic rights, the moral right, copyright exceptions.


DUSOLLIER, Séverine (Professeur des Universités à Sciences Po)

Format pédagogique

Each topic will be studied in an interactive manner, through court decisions, prepared by students, and will aim at opposing the studied legal systems.

Mode de validation

Contrôle continu basé sur la participation au cours (1/3) et la remise d'un papier final de comparaison de décisions de jurisprudence remis par chaque étudiant (2/3).

Lectures principales demandées

  • Each class will be based on the reading of some court decisions, that will be allocated among students
  • Each student will have to specifically prepare a class