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KEBU 2040A - Law in International Business

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Even non lawyers are exposed to law on an everyday basis. It is true for everyday life and even more so for business life. Setting up a company, negotiating a contract, building a partnership (be it through licensing, franchising or a joint-venture), facing litigation or investigation by regulatory authorities require a financial and strategic approach but also legal insights. When facing such situations any decision maker should be able to make a first assessment in order to deal with them alone or to allocate the necessary resources to solve the issues at stake. Getting knowledge on certain legal matters enables them to do so. As business is not only national but also international, the objective of this class is to give you skills which will help you to anticipate, identify and deal with legal issues both in a national and in an international context.


  • CHIPOT-KOLOSVARI, Sophie (Director of mergers and acquisitions and financing at Lagardère Group's legal department)
  • DELORME, Thibault (Deputy Group General Counsel, Lagardère)

Pedagogical format

12 weekly two-hour sessions divided into “projects” designed to provide the basics of business law and apply them to specific areas of international business activity. Lecture and interactive discussion (students should be prepared to discuss and question the issues raised in class).

Course validation

Two 15-minute multiple choice quizzes which will take place during two of the sessions will together represent 30% of the grade. A 2-hour final written exam (outside teaching schedule) will represent another 60% of the grade and participation during class the remaining 10%. The final written exam will consist in 2 to 3 questions addressing one theme or multiple themes covered by the lectures. The students will be required to answer to these questions via short essays which should demonstrate personal reflection on the resulting issues or consequences of said questions.


12 lectures of 2 hours (24h). Credits: 4. Additional workload: students should read before every session the course material relating to said session. Course materials for the 12 sessions will be provided online at the beginning of the semester. Students will also be provided with limited additional readings to be read after every session which will also be provided online at the beginning of the semester.

Required reading

No required reading besides the course material and the additional readings mentioned in the workload section of the syllabus