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KEBU 2090A - Company digital transformation : key evolutions and revolution to come

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 4

Language of tuition : English


Interest in how technology is changing the world and the economy

Course Description

This course analyses how digital is disrupting brick and mortar companies and draws on examples of digital transformation in multiple sectors. It compares the main sub-sectors of the media industry and other B2C sectors. It provides an opportunity for in-depth discussion on these topics with sector players and key digital disruptors. KEY TOPICS ● Introduction to the impact of the digital transformation: what is the impact of digital for developed country and for several industry sectors (retail, cpg...)? ● The start-up ecosystem: How to boost it through public policy? How to make it work when you are a start-up? ● The Internet and its impact on media players and their economic models (TV, press, cinema…) ● Digital disruption impact in the advertising sector ● Omni-channel experience and the future of retail ● How and why corporate should use Big data, with what impact on revenues? ● How to digitize the internal processes of a big company and what do you get? ● Conclusion: how to handle an end2end digital transformation?


HAZAN, Eric ( Director Sr. Partner, Mc Kinsey)

Pedagogical format

The course is based on case studies of real digital transformation from several industries and across several countries. Each lesson will be attended by a representative of a major company/startup in the sector concerned who will discuss the case study with the students.

Course validation

Participation (and in-class activities) - 20% Individual Case Analysis - 40% Group Case Analyses - 40%


Main part of the work will be performed during the course but I will probably give 2-3 individual cases to prepare and 1-2 group case analysis.

Required reading