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Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English

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Course Description

This course aims to provide students with a strong foundation in the fundamental legal principles and sources of international law, as well as with an understanding of the broader global context within which it evolves and is implemented. It seeks to equip students with the skills necessary to engage in critical legal analysis of international issues and conflicts, and to give them a substantive knowledge of a number of core areas within the field of public international law.


  • BYRNE, Rosemary Ann (Associate Professor of International Law)
  • LE MEUR, Oona (Doctorante en Droit)

Required reading

  • D.J. Harris, Cases and Materials on International Law (Sweet & Maxwell, 2010)
  • Anthony Aust, Handbook of International Law (Cambridge, 2010)
  • Malcolm. Shaw, International Law (Cambridge, 2014)

Additional required reading

For most of the case law assigned below, students are required to read only the select paragraphs of the cases that are reproduced in DJ Harris' Cases and Materials.

Plans de cours et bibliographies