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Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English

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Course Description

In contemporary societies, organizations and institutions are among the most important meso- and macro-level social structures filtering human action into social processes. They make it possible for interdependent and conflicting members – often heterogeneous and competing – to act collectively and to cooperate at various levels (intra- and inter-organizational, local and global). This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of organization theory from a sociological perspective : control and efficiency ; bureaucracy and collegiality ; interdependencies and resources; power and exchange; etc. It looks at the recursive ways in which the environment shapes organizations (technology, professions, and markets), and in which organizations shape their environments, including social stratification and contribution to the reproduction of inequalities. It will then question the value of this set of concepts at the international level and in the age of globalization. Special emphasis will be put on institutions and the meaning of an 'organizational society' at the international level, but also on the approach of social processes –facilitating collective action in the age of globalization – from a network perspective.


LAZEGA, Emmanuel (Professeur des Universités à Sciences Po)

Pedagogical format

The class format is lecture for the first eight weeks, then presentations of short research projects by the students. Attend the lectures and do the required readings every week. Take the midterm exam. Halfway through the semester, a multiple-choice exam will test your readings for previous sessions. The quiz will take place on session 6. Session 5 will include a review and discussion session. Carry out a short research project based on an empirical case study, present it as a ppt for the whole class and write a short text (10-20 pages, 1.5 spacing; +/- 10%) summarizing your results. This work can be carried out individually or collectively. A common topic will be proposed, and work divided among teams, jointly with the professor. The ppt presentations will be scheduled during week 3. The text is due by the end of the semester. In these 10-20 pages, you must summarize the problem you chose, the organization or organizational field that you researched, the data you collected, your analyses and the results. Drawing on your readings, you must also introduce a comparative dimension into your work and reflection, and use it to question the role of organizations and institutions in the current globalization. Grading weights: Midterm exam: 50%. Collective ppt presentation: 25%. Collective report on research project: 25%.

Course validation

Grading weights : Midterm exam 40%. Short research project 30%. Presentation 30%.

Required reading

(“Reading for this week”) before class. Read or browse through the “suggested” texts if you are interested in the specific topic.

Additional required reading

  • Most texts are accessible on the website of the course or will be emailed to the students.The books are available at the Sciences Po library
  • This Syllabus may be slightly modified as circumstances warrant

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