Accueil > Ecological Science and Nature Based Solutions: Issues and Challenges

OADD 2175 - Ecological Science and Nature-Based Solutions : Issues and Challenges

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English

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Course Description

Human activities affect the Earth from the local to the global scale and bring about rapid changes: climate, atmospheric chemistry, biodiversity, water resources and soils. There is a great need for mitigation and adaptation to changes and for rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems and ecosystem services. Beside technical solutions, some nature based solutions are more and more often proposed and implemented. The aim of the course is to present the ecological basics of these so called nature based solutions, to assess their scientific soundness, and to discuss their potentials and limits. A special focus will be put on biodiversity and ecosystem services, ecological agriculture, carbon sequestration, ecosystem restoration, adaptation to climate change and urban ecology.


ABBADIE, Luc (Professeur des universités)

Course validation

Oral presentations of scientific papers, in groups. Final exam : MCQ and analysis of scientific results.

Plans de cours et bibliographies

  • Session 1 : Basic concepts in Ecology (1)
  • Session 2 : Basic concepts in Ecology (2)
  • Session 3 : What is or could be Ecological Engineering ?
  • Session 4 : Carbon sequestration
  • Session 5 : Agroecology
  • Session 6 : Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems
  • Session 7 : Urban Ecology
  • Session 8 : Climate and biodiversity     
  • Session 9 : Conservation of biodiversity (conference by external speaker)
  • Session 10 : Water ressources in the context of climate change (conference by external speaker
  • Session 11 : Group presentations (1)
  • Session 12 : Group presentations (2) and final evaluation


Luc Abbadie is Professor of Ecology at Pierre & Marie Curie University, head of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Paris. His research interests are in the interactions between biogeochemical cycles, biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics. He worked on the nitrogen cycle in tropical savannas, the regulation of nitrification and related processes by plant cover and the mechanisms of nutrient conservation in terrestrial ecosystems. His more recent works deal with the mechanisms of carbon dioxide emission and carbon sequestration in soil. He is also involved in urban ecology and ecological engineering.