Accueil > Environmental issues in Energy and Natural Resources Management

OAFP 4225 - Environmental issues in Energy and Natural Resources Management

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This course aims at providing students with a systemic approach to environmental issues related to energy provision and natural resources management. It focuses on environmental and sustainable development topics. As much as possible, it will be based on concrete examples of public policies at various levels (local, national - in France and abroad -, and international). Emphasis will be put throughout the course on the need to put environmental consequences of energy and natural resources, as well as the tools to mitigate them, in the broadest perspective in order to implement relevant integrated policies. The course will suggest solutions to environmental problems, not trying to convince students of their relevance or completeness, but rather seeking to trigger their reflection (and, eventually, constructive criticism) over their efficacy, efficiency and potential “second order” consequences. The course will fall into two parts. The first part aims to discuss broadly the issues related to the environmental issues in managing natural resources, and to provide the key elements to analyze and discuss the associated public policies. The second part will focus on a case study, and examine various issues related to the environmental issues for agricultural policies, confronting the points of view of academic analysis and public policies design and implementation.


  • BLANCHARD, Guilhem (Head of airfield pavement deparment Ingénieur)
  • BORDENAVE, Simon J. (Policy officer in charge of OECD topics)
  • MOUYSSET, Lauriane (Chargée de recherche)

Pedagogical format

Sessions will start with a 15 minutes presentation of previous week news about the topic. 10-15 minutes will then be dedicated to discussions about them. During the remaining 1h30, the teachers will develop the course. Questions and discussions will be more than encouraged.

Course validation

- Group work on a policy-relevant issue: either a short research-oriented essay, or a note in reply to a question asked by a service of the French ministry of Agriculture and food, or the French ministry of Ecological and solidary transition, including a short (10 minutes) presentation during the last course (50%). - Oral presentation of news related to environmental issues (25%). - Final exam: short answer test (25%).


For each session, 1-2 student(s) will be designated to provide a newspaper review of environmental topics related to energy and/or natural resources. By groups of 3-5, students will be required to work on either (left to the students' choice) a research oriented essay, or a policy note (both 15 to 30 pages). Apart from this, no particular personal work is expected from the students to prepare the course sessions.

Required reading

  • Bontems (Philippe), Rotillon (Gillles), L'économie de l'environnement, Paris, La Découverte, 2013
  • Rotillon (Gilles), L'économie des ressources naturelles, Paris, La Découverte, 2010