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OAFP 4720 - Social Policies, Gender and the Labour Market

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

The course aims at analyzing labour markets and social policies through a gender lens and using a twofold approach: sociology and economics. Each topic will be addressed alternatively through the sociological and economic perspective. The course will present theoretical and empirical contributions and will be based on the reading and discussion of research papers that illustrate different challenges of the Welfare State. The course leaves great scope to international comparisons, mostly focused on western countries, and highlights the gendered dimensions of social policies. The first session deals with the classification of Welfare States and the economic analysis of Welfare State. Four sessions are dedicated to the labour market (two for each discipline): we will discuss women's participation in the labour market, the gender gap in earnings, labour market segregation, glass ceilings and discrimination. The four following sessions will be devoted to family issues: we will describe the changes in families and the consequences in terms of family policies (such as parental leaves), as well as the gendered division of labour within the family and the market and its consequences. The two last sessions will deal with gender equality policies.


  • DOMINGUEZ FOLGUERAS, Marta (Associate professor)
  • PERIVIER, Hélène (Economiste, PRESAGE - OFCE)

Course validation

a) Active participation during the course, based on readings of research papers propose for discussion during the course (25% de la note finale). b) A final paper in the form of a policy brief to proposed a possible reform of a specific scheme in the era of social, family policies or gender equality policy (50% de la note finale). c) Exam (30 Minutes) (25% de la note finale).


Students are expected tore ad and discuss two texts per session. A detailed program of readings will be distributed on the first session of the course.

Required reading

  • Folbre N.,The invisible Heart, Economics and Family Values, The New Press, 2001
  • Becker G. , Treatise on the family, Harvard University Press, expanded edition 1993
  • Sainsbury, D. Gender, equality, and welfare states, Cambridge University Press. 1996