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OAFP 4950 - Culture in Developing Countries

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This course will cover the concept of culture, understood as cultural and creative industries in developing countries, mostly in African countries. We will study the place and the value of creative industries in developing countries where governments often give priorities to other public interventions. The class intends to give an overview of the stakeholders involved in the field of culture (private partners, international actors, embassies, etc.) and specific examples in West African countries will be used. The purpose of the class is also to confront students with concrete aspects of cultural project management in a complex environment. Professionals involved in these specific industries will be invited to provide students with precise examples of projects and networks from various cultural areas and creative industries.



Pedagogical format

Oral presentations + lectures Guests

Course validation

- a final written assignment (30%) - an oral presentation (35%) - group assignment: oral presentation of a case study in class (25%) - class participation (10%)


Course 1 : Introduction Course 2 : State intervention, the Internet and creative industries (the challenge of SVOD in Africa) Course 3 : Developing countries, creative industries and gender (guest) Course 4 : International actors in developing countries: stakeholders, goals and impact on artistic productions Course 5 : From Turkish TV shows to Novelas: the subversive power of entertainment in developing countries Course 6 : Nollywood industry: how does the industry work? Course 7 : Producing for who? exports vs. local consumption Course 8 : Piracy, intellectual property and art productions Course 9 : The role of art in post conflict reconciliation (guest) Course 10 : Colonial heritage and artistic productions Course 11 : Restitution of groups' projects Course 12 : “Raising awareness through art: “Theatre-Utile” in Burkina or “Theatre du Mouvement” au Mali?

Additional required reading