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OBGP 3175 - Managing action in complex international organization

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English

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Course Description

What is the role of international organisations in global governance? How can they deliver in a context characterised by the erosion of citizen's trust in government's capacity to address pressing challenges? Critical Management Studies (CMS) have emerged in the last 20 years to question management practices in firms and bureaucracies. The course draws on CMS to reflect on what states do (policy), how they do it (modes of government) and how bureaucracies are managed. Particular attention is paid to the management of international organisations. The OECD is a case in point: it influence policy in member countries and beyond; it promotes good practices across a range of policy areas; it promotes innovation in public management. The course draws on academic literature and on professional experience to reflect upon modes of management that are fit for purpose in an international organisation.


LEFLAIVE, Xavier (Administrateur, OCDE)

Pedagogical format

Sessions 1-5 are based on lectures informed by academic literature and professional experience. Sessions 7-11 are based on students' oral presentations, used to kick-start a discussion with the group. Active participation in each session is required and facilitated.

Course validation

Students take: a written test in Session 6 ; an oral presentation in one of the subsequent sessions (7-11). The presentation is made by a group of 2-4 students, to kick-start discussion on the topic of the session. The presentation draws on students' academic background (political science, sociology, organisation theory, management, or else), literature review, and experience with policy making, advocacy.


Students have to select and read one book in social theory, which puts public management in perspective. Students have to prepare one oral presentation, in a group of 2-4. Preparation requires reading suggested material, and possibly other sources, including personal experience in a relevant area or organisation.

Required reading

  • Students are encouraged to situate public management in the context of recent transformations of contemporary societies:
  • Bauman Z. (2003), Society under Siege, Blackwell (traduction française: La société assiégée, Le Rouergue/Chambon)
  • Elliott A., B.S. Turner (2012), On Society, Polity
  • Giddens A. (ed., 2003), The Progressive Manifesto, Polity; in particular, A. Giddens, Neoprogressivism. A new agenda for social democracy; J. Kay, The embedded market; F. Schuppert, The Ensuring State
  • Sassen S. (2007), A Sociology of Globalization, W.W. Norton

Additional required reading

Sennett R. (2006), The Culture of the New Capitalism, Yale University

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