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OBGP 3185 - Doing Business in Africa

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English

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Course Description

This course is targeted for future public and private sector leaders dedicated to promoting private sector strategy in Africa. It will provide a thorough understanding of the main economic players and rethink the development approach for promoting private sector initiatives and identify investment opportunities. After developing a good understanding of the key economic players, by countries, regions and industries, we will focus on the dynamics between all major stakeholders (multinationals, SMEs, public sector etc). We will then have a more specific outlook at the interaction between the public and the private sector through case studies mainly. How does the public sector, including international donors, help promote a sustainable private sector base? Finally, we will build a business plan for a potential investment in Africa, pitching it to key stakeholders. Where to start and how do you manage your investment project in Africa? This group exercise will look into the market strategy, communication & marketing and go to market tools


LACROIX, Thierry (Head of Business Development for Francophone Africa)

Course validation

Active participation (engaging analytical discussion, showing leadership and challenging common standards) throughout the semester will account for 40% of the final grade. Various groups presentations will account for 30% and the remaining 30% will be the final group assignment (business case of a potential investment in Africa).


Very few readings apart from being aware of the weekly news. Group presentations across the semester

Required reading

  • Lions on the move 2 (McKinsey report – September 2016)
  • Jeune Afrique (weekly magazine) or any other relevant daily, weekly or monthly news magazines or online news agency (Ecofin Agency, African Business magazine, This is Africa

Additional required reading

  • Ecofin Agency:
  • Jeune Afrique:
  • African Business magazine, This is Africa:
  • Objectif Afrique - lettre d'information économique de la DG Trésor:

Plans de cours et bibliographies

Lecture 1: Regional integration and opportunities for business

Required readings:

Lecture 2: Industry trends

Assignment for this session:

  • PowerPoint group presentations (groups and industries to be provided during the previous "Lecture")

Lecture 3: Key private players in Africa

  • TOP 500 from Jeune Afrique will be provided during the previous "Lecture"

Lecture 4: Multinational's strategy in Africa

  • External guest

Lecture 5: How to become an African champion?

  • Case studies will be provided during the previous "Lecture"

Lecture 6: Entrepreneurship in Africa

Assignment for this session:

  • PowerPoint group presentations on an African entrepreneur

Lecture 7: Country's competitiveness

Required readings

Lecture 8: Consulting business case in Africa

  • External guest

Lecture 9: International donors

Recommended readings

  • "Dead Aid" – Dambisa Moyo
  • Jean-Michel Severino et Jean-Michel Debrat,  « L'Aide au développement »
  • External guest

Lecture 10: Business case – How to prepare a Business plan

Lecture 11: Consulting business case in Africa

Lecture 12: Business case – group presentation

Assignment for this session

  • Group presentation of a business case for an investment opportunity in Africa

Short biography

Thierry is the head of Deloitte's business development for Francophone Africa, developing Deloitte's activities across 19 countries. His main areas of focus are strategy, business development/sales and communication & marketing. Prior to this, he was a strategy consultant for a locally based Senegalese consulting firm, where most of his work involved regional or national competitiveness strategy assignments in West and Central Africa in both the private and public sector. He holds a Masters degree in international law from Paris and a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University