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ODEC 6080 - Intercultural negotiation and conflict management

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 8

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

The economic crisis is forcing businesses to rethink the rules for engaging with each other. Executives are looking for new ways to interact optimally with customers, suppliers, employees, and other constituencies in this environment. As the business world becomes more multicultural, competitive and complex, the risk of conflict between parties dramatically increases. Managing diverse teams requires understanding the key determinants of conflict, such as language, culture, history, tradition and business practice. Consequently, the importance of effective negotiation competences increases. This course explores fundamental communication skills and techniques, as well as other strategic aspects of communicating, the determinants of desired outcomes and the issues that arise internally and externally in the conflict management and negotiation process.


JAGODZINSKA, Katarzyna K. (Chargé d'enseignement)

Course validation

Presence (60%), active participation in assignments and class discussions (20%), preparation of short presentation in groups (20%).

Required reading

Moore, C. W., Woodrow, P. J., Handbook of Global and Multicultural Negotiation, Jossey-Bass, 2010