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OEUR 3055 - Introduction to Project Management

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

In your future job, whatever it will be (within the European Commission, in the Public Sector, in a NGO, in a private company), you will lead projects for sure. If not, there might be something wrong ! It can be a strategic project, a socio project (such as the organisation of elections), a technical project (R&D in Europe) or a day to day project (a moving for example), you will be expected and assessed on your ability to deliver on time, on quality and moreover on cost. In this introduction course to project management, the objective is to share with you the basics of project management and make you touch the subject through exercises, simulations or cases studies. It will be very pragmatic, interactive and concrete, we will invite guests to exchange with you. In our day to day job, we are facing all the aspects of project management in different context: project of internal reorganisation, subsidiary set up, launch of new project on the market, tools implementation. We will share with you our experience and will illustrate the theoretical notions of project management by giving you some practical tips on: stakeholders to take into account, vocab to be known, pitfalls to avoid, how to manage stakeholders, how to sell a project, etc.


  • CORMAN, Fanny (Senior Project Manager, Ytae)
  • DUPUIS, Michael E. (Project Manager, Ytae)
  • LAVIT D'HAUTEFORT, Arnaud ( Partner, Ytae)

Pedagogical format

In each course, we will try to divide the course in 3 parts : - theorical notion given to students. - presentation of group work. - concrete exercises (case study, simulation, practical exercises, pitch).

Course validation

Attendance and participation: 10%. 1 Group work presentation during class: 50%. 1 Group work (paper): 40%.


For each session, some group work will be asked to students for short presentation in class (10 minutes per group per session) and some short readings will be given in advance (short summary with the Essentials). The main workload will be during the session.

Required reading

  • « Lost in La Mancha » de Keith Fulton et Louis Pepe // Terry Gilliam, making of pour illustrer les affres de la gestion de projet
  • Project Management For Dummies Apr 22, 2013

Additional required reading

A novel : Birth of a Bridge Oct 7, 2014