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OEUR 3095A - Rebuilding Europe

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This course as a special cross-campus partnership, joining students and professors from three European universities : the University of Gothenburg, Charles University in Prague, and Sciences Po, Paris. Each year, students from the three universities work together to develop a common proposal to address challenges facing contemporary European governance. The students from the three universities are asked to jointly recommend innovative solutions to diverse crucial problems facing the EU, while providing an explanation for their choices. This year, the project addresses the situation in Ukraine, and its relationship with the EU. Students will be asked to reflect on the key problems surrounding the issue of Ukraine, and generally the EU's relationship with its eastern near-abroad, and to propose ways to resolve these questions. Students will work in small groups on their respective campuses, while communicating and sharing sources, observations and proposals online. After an iteration of proposal sharing and comments across the campuses, with the aim of producing a final common proposal, will cap the course.


  • ROVNY, Jan (Assistant professor LIEPP, CEE – Sciences Po)
  • VOLTOLINI, Benedetta (Teaching Assistant - Junior Researcher)

Pedagogical format

This is a course based on student interaction and initiative, the professor plays a role of an observer, note taker, and enabler.

Course validation

Students will choose to work in small (2-4 student) groups. Each group will be responsible for : - identifying the key issues concerning the problem at hand, and producing a 'press release'. A short (1 - 2 pg) document outlining the problems they identify, while suggesting their proposed direction for redressing them ; - produce a specific proposal, which will be presented to the other (local) groups, and communicated to the other campuses ; - participate in the formulation of a campus-wide proposal ; - comment on the campus-wide proposals of the other campuses ; - participate in the final cross-campus negotiation. Students will be evaluated on the basis of their position preparation, their position documents, and participation during the negotiation meetings.


Students are generally expected to do research in small groups (in the library and online), and negotiate positions within groups, across groups, and across campuses.

Required reading

Students will research the negotiated topic, finding relevant academic articles and media reports. They will also be asked to read each others' proposals