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OEUR 3125 - EU Law from the Perspective of Individual Lives

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Genuine interest in EU Law. Some appetite in socio-legal approaches.

Course Description

European integration is usually conceived as an institutional project – a mode of regulating a set of economic and social activities. It is suggested that it is more than this. The European Union amounts to a special type of everyday life. It exists in order to provide a social space that creates patterns of social interaction and identification. The Union is as much an existential project as it is an institutional one – a way to structure or deconstruct our modes of existence and coexistence. How do we grasp “existential Europe”? How do we explore the legal statuses, social practices, individual dispositions, sentiments and beliefs lying behind the institutional façade of the European Union's crises? This course will address these questions by understanding EU Law as one of many nested social practices which form our lives in Europe. We will seek to examine the ways in which EU law shapes, for instance, the life of migrants, consumers and patients, criminals, embryos and suspected terrorists.


AZOULAI, Loïc (Sciences Po law school professor)

Pedagogical format

Participants are expected to do the reading in preparation of each class, to actively participate in class and to develop ideas in relation to the seminar topics.

Course validation

Either a 3,000 words essay on a seminar related topic or a presentation on a topic suggested.


For each class some reading required: 1 to 3 Court's rulings, 1 to 2 articles.

Required reading

L. van Middelaar, The Passage to Europe. How a Continent Became a Union (Yale University press, 2013), Part. III