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OFIN 2985 - Stratégie des grandes multinationales en Chine

Type d'enseignement : Enseignement électif

Semestre : Printemps 2017-2018

Nombre d'heures : 24

Langue d'enseignement : français, anglais


The student should have an interest for business cases to develop strategic thinking – and also be interested in the specific context of the Chinese economy, politics and culture.

Descriptif du cours

Each session of 2 hours will describe a true business situation in a specific industry (luxury, utilities, food & beverage, automotive, etc.), experienced by the speaker in China over the recent years. The objective will be each time to solve a business case using classical and out of the box solutions in various business fields (finance, marketing, operations, human resources, etc.) based on real facts and figures. Also these cases study will be the occasion to better understand the Chinese environment influencing the business there including politics, economics, social trends and culture. The course aims eventually at making a rich and interesting journey in China to be more familiar with the to come 1st economy in the world and to understand what kind of lessons could be learned for Europe.


GOURMELON, Yannig G. (Partner – Cabinet Roland Berger)

Format pédagogique

2 hour session with a lot of interactivity, group work, discussions and formal oral intevention from the speaker.

Mode de validation

Validation will be primarily based on participation and on a few additional written (powerpoint) or oral works during the sessions.

Charge de travail

Workload will consists in a few pre-readings before each session and potentially in a 4 page paper on a specific business topic.

Lectures principales demandées

To be completed