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OGLM 3035 - Providing essential services in large Metropolis

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Autumn 2017-2018

Number of hours : 12

Language of tuition : English


A basic knowledge of access to urban services (water, sanitation, energy, waste, mobility), and an interest in role-playing for real-life professional situation.

Course Description

The workshop deals with innovations to provide services in unplanned settlements of the Global South from a real-work perspective. Professionals aspire to a business-as-usual “modern infrastructure ideal” that does not prove adequate for unplanned urbanisation. Can it be adapted and how? What are the obstacles and opportunities for alternatives? What are the conditions for change? Through various role playing (different cities, services, engineering or business points of view), the arguments for and against innovation will be tested directly by the students. The objective of the workshop is to shed light on the influence of cognitive frameworks on work practices. Students will foresee the professional challenges to innovate for better services in unplanned settlements.


CRIQUI, Laure (Chargée de Recherches)

Pedagogical format

Seminar 1: Introduction to the “modern infrastructure ideal” and urbanism Seminars 2 & 3: Presentation of the urban context and work-situation exercise by students (one session on each city) Seminar 4: Role playing: professional arguments for and against innovation; analysis of the socio-political determinants

Course validation

One 10 minute presentation on urban development and services in a city (20%, seminars 2&3) Participation to work simulation / situational exercise (20%, seminars 2&3) Written contribution and oral participation to role playing (seminar 4, 30+20%) General level of participation (10%)


Seminars (4x3 hours), teamwork (for 10 min. city presentations, seminars 2&3), mini-speech writing for lobbying (seminar 4).

Required reading

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  • Barbier C., Giraud P.N., Ruet J. & Zérah M.-H. (2007) “L'accès aux services essentiels dans les pays en développement au cœur des politiques urbaines.” Analyses 4. Paris : Iddri
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Additional required reading

  • Jaglin, S. “Differentiating Networked Services in Cape Town: Echoes of Splintering Urbanism?” Geoforum 39, no. 6 (2008): 1897–1906.
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