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OGLM 3055 - South East Asian Metropolis

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2017-2018

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This course examines the diversity of contemporary Southeast Asian urban trajectories in a multidisciplinary perspective. Taking ground in premodern and colonial history, it first reframes the urban problematics faced by Southeast Asian cities in the sub-field of urban studies in the 'global south' (weeks 1-4). Then, it develops an actor-centered approach to the study of urban governance and urbanization (week 5-8). Attention is paid to urban and territorial planning, the politics of urban land, social justice, and urban informality. Finally, it draws on urban anthropology and sociology (weeks 9-12) and looks at cities as fields of contestations and negotiations that bring onto the stage plural urban visions, beliefs, interests, and objectives. It shows how these struggles reshuffle power balances between the State, the local authorities, the private sector, the civil society, and ordinary citizens.


  • ESPOSITO, Adele (Chargée de Recherche, CNRS)
  • MUSIL, Clément

Pedagogical format

12 weeks. Lectures + discussions.

Course validation

Participation 10% ; Oral presentation (March) 15% ; Literature critical review (a collection of 3-4 papers on selected theme) 30% ; Paper 45%.

Required reading

  • McGee, Terry. 2007 ''Many Knowledge(s) of Southeast Asia: Rethinking Southeast Asia in Real Time, in Asia Pacific Viewpoint, vol. 48, n° 2, pp. 270-280
  • Shatkin, Gavin. 2008 ‘'The City and the Bottom Line: Urban Megaprojects and the Privatization of Planning in Southeast Asia'', in Environment and Planning A, vol. 40, pp. 383-401
  • Yeoh, Brenda S.A. 2005 ‘The Global Cultural City? Spatial Imagineering and Politics in the (Multi)cultural Marketplaces of Southeast Asia', in Urban Studies, vol. 42, n° 5/6, pp. 945-958

Additional required reading

  • Herzfeld, Michael. 2006 'Spatial Cleansing: Monumental Vacuity and the Idea of the West', in Journal of Material Culture, n°11, pp. 127-149
  • Thompson, Eric C. 2004 'Rural Villages as Socially Urban Spaces in Malaysia', in Urban Studies, vol. 41, n° 12, pp. 2357 - 2376
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