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Type d'enseignement : Lecture and tutorials

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 48

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Espace mondial - Thinking IR globally aims to introduce students with a critical approach of global matters that are at the same time omnipresent, neglected or oversimplified in contemporary public debates. The course will rely on illustrations in order to address the interdependence of international social, environmental, economic or security issues. Conflicts and security, global inequalities, environmental concerns, or the resurgence of religious concerns in world politics, are among the core issues to be addressed during the semester. While being firmly grounded in a “French” approach of international relations, the course will also combine pluridisciplinary approaches driven from sociology, political theory and economy, human geography, as well as global and comparative history.


  • BADIE, Bertrand (Professeur des Universités)
  • EL GHOUL, Bernard G. (Director of the Menton campus, Sciences Po)
  • MITRANO, Patrice (Cartographe)

Pedagogical format

1. Introduction. A French approach to global politics ? (Bertrand Badie) 2. A World of inequalities (Bertrand Badie) 3. From a World of States to the crisis of the State (Bernard El Ghoul) 4. A plurality of actors (Bernard El Ghoul) 5. What is left of power politics (Bernard El Ghoul) 6. The transformation of the international system (Bernard El Ghoul) 7. War and peace (Bertrand Badie) 8. Religious resurgence ? (Bertrand Badie) 9. Governing the economy (Bernard El Ghoul) 10. Ecological challenges (Bernard El Ghoul) 11. Re-thinking international security (Bertrand Badie) 12. Conclusion. A post-Western World ? (Bertrand Badie)

Course validation

The final exam constitutes 1/3 of the course grade, while the seminar grade constitutes the remaining 2/3 of the course grade. Validation of the course 2/3 of the final grade will be based on the assignments held, along the semester, during the discussion sections. It will be composed of: - a 10-minutes oral presentation (individual) - a map-making exercise (individual - accompanying the presentation) - an essay (individual preparation for the final exam) - a collective work (to be determined by each group-session tutor) 1/3 of the final grade will be based of a final exam, consisting in: - an essay (15/20 points) - a map (5/20 points)

Required reading

  • * More specific references will be introduced during each weekly lecture and discussion section.
  • Delphine Allès, Pierre Grosser, Frédéric Ramel, Introduction aux relations internationales, Paris, Armand Colin, 2018.
  • Bertrand Badie, L'impuissance de la puissance, Paris, Fayard, 2004 (poche Biblis), 2017.
  • Bertrand Badie, Humiliation in international relations, London, Hart, 2017.
  • Bertrand Badie, « International Politics », in Leonardo Morlino and al, Political Science. A Global Perspective, London, Los Angeles, Sage, 2017.

Additional required reading

  • Bertrand Badie, Nous ne sommes plus seuls au monde, Paris, La Découverte, 2016.(English translation : New perspective on the international order, London, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).
  • ohn Baylis, Patricia Owens, Steve Smith (ed.), The globalization of World Politics, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 7e édition, 2017.
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  • Marie-Françoise Durand, Mélanie Albaret, Delphine Allès, Philippe Copinschi, Lucile Maertens, Delphine Placidi-Frot, Atelier de cartographie de Sciences Po, Atlas de l'Espace mondial, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, juillet 2018. En ligne à partir de septembre 2018
  • Atelier de cartographie de Sciences Po : [online maps, data, maps-making software and tutorials]
  • Marie-Françoise Durand, Mélanie Albaret, Delphine Allès, Philippe Copinschi, Lucile Maertens, Delphine Placidi-Frot, Atelier de cartographie de Sciences Po, e-Atlas de l'Espace mondial [online from September 2018]

Senior lecturers

  • COLOMBA-PETTENG, Léonard (Etudiant Doctorant)
  • GHANEM, Aghiad (Doctorant)