Accueil > Data analysis for sociologists: interpreting evidence from a gender-based speed dating experiment

BMET 27A21 - Data analysis for sociologists: interpreting evidence from a gender-based speed dating experiment

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Spring 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Fundamental notions of probability and statistics, as covered in high-school or 1st year at Sciences Po (probability distribution, random variable, normal law, law or large numbers, mean, variance…). « Introduction to econometrics using R » course (some elements will be reintroduced)

Course Description

This workshop aims at familiarizing students with some classic quantitative methods, notably used in sociology. They will learn to produce, interpret and present statistical results in a rigorous way to answer research questions. Data from an American speed dating experiment will be used as a recurring example to illustrate how the various methods can be applied. We will notably study social homogamy and gender asymmetries in the choice of potential mates. Students will additionally develop a small research project on another dataset by groups of 2 or 3, mainly over three dedicated in-class sessions. This course adopts a hands-on approach using R, so as to equip the students with practical skills in data processing and analysis. The mathematics at work will only be introduced insofar as their intuition serves an operational use.


ANDREY, Paul (etudiant 3eme année)

Course validation

- practical application exercises for each unit (4 * 10 %) - group project report (60 %)

Required reading

R. Fisman, S. Iyengar et al. (2006) « Gender Differences in Mate Selection: Evidence from a speed dating experiment ». The Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Additional required reading

  • Intro to R : Garrett Grolemund (2014) Hands-on Programming with R. O'Reilly.
  • Unit A : T. Fischetti (2015) Data Analysis with R. O'Reilly.
  • Unit B : F. Husson, S. Lê & J. Pagès (2017) Exploratory Multivariate Analysis by Example using R. CRC Press.
  • Unit C : J. Woolridge (2012) Introductory Econometrics, A Modern Approach. 5th Ed. South-Western College Publishing.