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DECO 25A03 - European Union in the world economy (The)

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Some knowledge of economics is necessary for a fruitful semester. No maths, no technicalities, though.

Course Description

This course is about economic dimensions of current challenges facing the European Union. The world economy is rapidly changing: the 2007-2008 has had deep and lasting consequences on the functioning of the euro area; Brexit and new forms of unilateralism in the USA are challenging the EU traditional stance; multinational corporations and technical change are questioning the EU and European governments' capacity to regulate and to tax; ecological crises are threatening citizens' health and the future of mankind on earth. Is the process of EU integration resilient? Can it deliver in these various fields? Can economic analysis identify and quantify the costs and benefits of various policy options? The course selects a number of issues that appear salient in current debates about the EU, its relationship with the rest of the world, and its future. It mobilizes the economist's analytical tool box to shed light on policy decision-making and pending issues.


LE CACHEUX, Jacques (Professeur des Universités)

Course validation

Readings for each session will be checked. Class participation: 40% Final essay (about 2000 words): 60%

Required reading

  • De Grauwe, Paul, 2018, Economics of Monetary Union, 12th edition, Oxford University Press.
  • Laurent, Eloi, and Jacques Le Cacheux, 2015, Report on the state of the European Union, vol.IV, Is Europe sustainable?, Palgrave MacMillan.

Additional required reading

  • European Economy, Journal of the Economic and Financial Affairs Directorate of the EU Commission, .
  • Quarterly Report on the Euro Area, Journal of the Economic and Financial Affairs Directorate of the EU Commission, .