Accueil > Violence, Memory and Amnesia in Chile

DHUM 25A02 - Violence, Memory and Amnesia in Chile

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Chile has experienced a series of political, economic, social and cultural upheavals during the twentieth century. We propose to examine the phenomenon of violence, memory and amnesia through the history of political conflicts. We will underline the roles of silence, oblivion, repression and humiliation in the formation of authoritative and dictatorial regimes and will oppose them to the exaltation of memory in the legitimization of a cause, solid core around which are driven beliefs and ideals, hopes and disillusions, a noria with a double impulse, return to the past and projection onto the future. We will carry out a diachronic analysis, introducing the historical and sociological context of XIXth century Chile, before exploring the period stretching from the beginning of the XXth century to the democratic transition in 1989, and concluding on the return of speech through the victims' testimony. From the rise of political consciousness to egalitarian combats, from conservative regimes to progressive governments, from the experience of Popular Unity to Pinochet's military coup, the study of Chile is a probing illustration of the intertwine of opposites and contraries shaping a collective consciousness. The class will propose a pluridisciplinary point of view in order to embrace the complexity of political and cultural change, as well as an innovative pedagogy; historical archives, testimonies and documentaries will provide the background for a reflective study relying on systemic analysis and strong bases of methodology. An important space will be given to constructive debates rising from multifaceted problematic. Guest speakers from different fields (lawyers, authors, film directors…) will be invited to address the group, in order to share knowledge and experience, and give professional and personal points of views on different aspects of the course, stimulating an interactive conversation with the students.


GROUES, Delphine (Directrice exécutive des études)

Course validation

a) End of semester essay (50%) b) Oral presentation (50%) c) Class participation

Required reading

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Additional required reading

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  • Filmography:
  • Carmen CASTILLO, Calle Santa Fe, Ina, 2007
  • Patricio GUZMAN, Salvador Allende
  • Patricio GUZMAN, Nostalgia of the light