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HBDA 5170 - Debating in teams : the art of speech

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Autumn and Spring 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


No need to be a native speaker but a B2 level is required. No other pre-requisite is needed – bring your interest and enthusiasm.

Course Description

No one is born a skilled debater or even an entertainer: however, who wouldn't want to captivate his or her audience? If you wish to master the art of oratory, if you wish to learn the tricks of the trade to reach and engage with your audience, then Debating in teams is made for you. This course will allow you to discover or develop your rhetorical skills, whether you are a complete beginner or an already seasoned debater. You will study the core principles of rhetoric based on various material (historical speeches, famous debates, case studies through video analyses, etc.), the main part of each lesson will be dedicated to practice. As part of a team, you will for example learn how to argue that “Strikes should be banned”, “A maximum wage should be implemented” or even whether “Donald Trump should be impeached tomorrow”. This debating class will therefore take you beyond the art of oratory, and will also allow you to strengthen your teamwork skills and your understanding of complex contemporary issues, while doing so in good spirit and with fun. Debating shall indeed suffer no austerity, so join the course ! Alice BERNARD-GAIRARD Alice holds a Master's degree from Sciences Po Strasbourg and a Master's in American Civilization from Paris III University, her areas of expertise are civil liberties, free speech, public speaking and political speeches. She taught at Penn State University and in several higher education institutions – her main goal is to promote quality education through innovative teaching and debating. She is a board member at the French Debating Association and is also in charge of coordinating debating events and teachers training. Anass MOURJANE A Sciences Po & law graduate, Anass currently works as a fast-track civil servant at the Banque de France. Anass has a strong background in both debating & speechwriting. A former member of Sciences Polémiques' board, Sciences Po's debating club in French, he also was a member of the University of St Andrews' debating team. In 2014, he reached with the Sciences Po team the final of the annual tournament of the French Debating Association at the Assemblée Nationale.


  • BERNARD-GAIRARD, Alice (Professeur certifié)
  • MOURJANE, Anass (Adjoint de direction/Contrôleur bancaire)

Pedagogical format

For each lesson, a theme-based presentation will be followed by debating practice.


The main requirements are a certain level of curiosity, motivation & implication during class activities and team work. This will imply preparation for debates, during class time as well as off class.