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KAFP 3330 - Public Management

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 40

Language of tuition : English


Comprehensive Reading pack will be provided before the beginning of the course

Course Description

Objective: understand and practice the basics of Public Management. In the coming years you might become managers in the field of the public sector. Your role will include setting the strategy of your organization, coordinating the efforts of your management team and your employees, managing your resources. You might want also to influence your administration, change it, modernise it, even “disrupt it” with always in mind the will to serve the public good and face modern challenges. But what are the specificities of Public Management? What makes it different to manage an administration, an agency? What makes a good leader in the Public Sector? This course introduces the different challenges represented in managing in the public sector: setting strategy – and implementing it through performance targets and engagement. Managing Human resources under constraints (status, …). Getting political support and managing many stakeholders, including unions. Understand the governance of your administrations to leverage your actions. Implement concretely a project in different administrations while keeping in mind quality, delay, costs constraints. Communicate to many audiences… there are some facets of Public Management that will be illustrated.


  • CORMAN, Fanny (Senior Project Manager, Ytae)
  • LAVIT D'HAUTEFORT, Arnaud ( Partner, Ytae)
  • RABINOVICH, Joel (Teaching Assistant)
  • TILLOY, Bénédicte (Associée chez Shoolab)

Pedagogical format

For each session, - Around half of the session will provide inputs on concepts and theory (refer to the Reading Pack), …and it will be used to boost participation and interaction during the lecture. - We will have several Guests from the Public Sector who will bring their testimonies on Public Management. - We will ask students to work on Case Studies, by team, in order to practice and be hands-on on the challenges.

Course validation

Validation according to the following criteria : - Participation (10%) - Team Work : A collective work to be presented during the course by groups of approx. 4 students on a dedicated topic (company, …) chosen by the team (40%) - Individual work (final paper) (50%)


- For each session some readings will be suggested to students (Reading Packs). We do recommend to read them - For some sessions, a case study will have to be prepared in advance by students - When Guests will be invited, prepare questions…

Required reading

Moore, M. (1995) Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government (Harvard: Harvard University Press),

Additional required reading

Frédéric Laloux, Reinventing organizations, Diateino Eds, 2015